A friend of mine once wrote a poem on authors, called Writers’ Tongues. She said that writers can do little more than “hope for the strength to continue breaking down walls which hide the beauty behind every monster and oppression behind every utopia”. This, I believe, is the beauty of authors. They dig for truths and other perspectives, opening the eyes of readers to things they could’ve never imagined. To not only see the jewel in the corrupt and hideousness in the perfect, but to guide readers through the tough journey and allow them to see it themselves. That is the hardest task. It is the most life changing. So many struggle to find a way to destroy that barrier of blindness, and few really succeed. Writers, however, tend to share their knowledge of doing so. How to write. How to engrave ink into the world.

I share the thirst for splitting open that wall, like many to-be authors. Countless lessons, answers, and guides paint the internet and book stores everywhere. You just have to know where to find them and what exactly to look for. I’m currently compiling specific resources, detailing what they provide, and posting them in one blogsite to give a large variety of techniques from several authors and other credible sources.

Welcome to EngravingInk.


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