Creating a Character

Characters are the life of your story. They are what the readers sympathize with and follow. Even the completely fantastical ones have to be realistic in some way, which is what readers can identify and feel a connection to. One of the first steps to making a character is the basic creation.

How To Build A Character
This informative entry from J. T. Ellison introduces an extreme basic of character: Names. From references to what kind of names for what kind of character, Ellison explains ways to set up your character. About halfway down the entry, she goes into other basics, such as age and education. It includes personal, as well as secondary, experiences she’s had, and provides examples.

Fiction Writing: How to Create a Character
Keeping your characters realistic is definitely one of the biggest issues I’ve had when reading or watching T.V. shows. If the characters aren’t real, even if the story is amazing, I feel like puking. This entry teaches you how to make realistic people starting with, get this, clichés. Odd, right? It’s a new take on this overused concept of character. But “At our core, every human being – and that includes each one of us – is a cliché”. So start there: at the core.

However, cliché is a no-no. Don’t stay there. Here’s how to get away from that.
Beyond the Cliché: How to Create Characters that Fascinate
Now to make your character unique. Step away from the overused basic by quirks. Providing real life examples, this post also tells you how to look and find quirks for your characters. It gives several ways to deliver individuality, such as conflicting traits and unexpectedness.


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